Words David Hickson

As the Chief Strategic Development Officer at Founders Factory, David Hickson has helped hundreds of startups fundraise. For the first time, we’ll be sharing his considerations for fundraising effectively, or what he refers to as the “No-Bullshit Guide to Fundraising”. This guide is useful for those raising pre-seed to pre-Series A. David’s Biography

At Founders Factory, we’ve proudly invested in almost 200 startups over the last five years, 40 of which we’ve built completely from scratch. The way we’ve structured our venture studio and accelerator is different from many others. We’re not a fund. We’ve raised money…

The travel industry is facing one of its most challenging times, but we’re expecting the period to lead to some of the most cutting-edge innovation as the desire to travel remains.

From a renewed commitment to sustainable tourism, to tools which will enable the travel sector to save time and cut costs, here are some of the areas we believe will usher in the future of the travel industry.

If you’re working on something in any of these spaces below, or have a novel travel idea, apply to join our Venture Studio or Accelerator Program.

What’s in store for Travel in a post-Covid world?

1. Predictive & Operational Efficiencies

Facing great pressure, businesses across…

Words Darren Mulvihill

As Senior Venture Portfolio Manager at Founders Factory, and previously part of the commercial team at Crowdcube, Darren Mulvihill has experience in helping founders use equity crowdfunding to raise investment. He shares his recommendations on how to approach crowdfunding, and whether you should consider it as part of your fundraising strategy.

It’s fair to say that retail investment is having a new ‘moment’ in 2021. The ability for ordinary investors to participate in traditional asset classes as well as completely new ones (crypto, NFTs etc.) …

We’re all familiar with the idea that every company is a Fintech company. Thanks to the rise of embedded finance, even non-financial companies are starting to reap the rewards of fintech innovation, its ability to enrich user experiences and drive more value from customer relationships.

But what we’re only just starting to realise is how those experiences and relationships have changed. The big fintech success stories of the last ten years — the Monzos, Revoluts and Wises — gained traction by redesigning and optimising products that already existed. The banking front-end was broken: neobanks fixed it. …

If men and women participated equally as entrepreneurs, it’s predicted that global GDP would rise to 6% which would raise the global economy by $5 trillion. Companies with female founders have also been found to perform 63% better than those of their male peers.

Yet, female founders continue to face many additional hurdles on their path to building a successful business. First of all, there is a woeful (and well-documented) lack of investment into female-focused businesses.

In 2019, women-led businesses received just 2.5% …

Words Ritesh Singhania & Christopher Sier

Ritesh Singhania, Chris Sier, and Kunal Varma, co-founders of pension fintech ClearGlass, recently concluded their six months in Founders Factory’s accelerator program by raising £2.6m seed — more than double their original target — from top-tier investors. Staggeringly, they managed to pull all of this off during a pandemic.

Ritesh and Chris make public their lessons on raising from top-tier investors.

You can expect to read about…

  • How ClearGlass tapped into the pension industry’s need for transparency and secured 400 pension funds, capturing £500bn of pensions assets in 18 months
  • Their fundraising process, which…

The food sector saw unprecedented change in 2020, with the pandemic driving significant changes in shopping behaviour: three-quarters of the UK now do at least some of their grocery shopping online, a 26% increase on the previous year, with less frequent, larger baskets. From May-July, we saw online grocery shopping in the UK grow by 92% (Kantar FMCG Purchase Panel) as consumers rushed to secure delivery slots and have their weekly food shop delivered to their door.

Outside of online, we have also seen growth in a community-centric approach to shopping, with an emphasis on local. A study by the…

Find out how Dr Kyle Grant and co-founder Tom de Wilton scaled their sustainable laundry startup, Oxwash, through Founders Factory’s startup accelerator program, raising £1.75m in seed funding, and embarking on a game-changing partnership with corporate FMCG giant Reckitt Benckiser (RB) — all during the pandemic.

Words by Kyle Grant
In collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser (RB) & Founders Factory


  • Founded in 2018 by former NASA engineer Dr Kyle Grant ( Forbes 30 under 30 )
  • £1.75m seed raised during lockdown
  • Backed by TrueSight Ventures, Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), Paul Forster (founder of Indeed.com) and several other angel investors

Co-founder Nick Torday talks us through how Bower Collective launched in January 2020 in Founders Factory’s Venture Studio, generating 130k+ revenue in just six months and raising a £400k round — even as the pandemic threatened to disrupt their crucial supply chains.

In collaboration with Damian Routley, Emily Yoon & Timothy Masek

A note from Damian Routley, Managing Director of Home & Hygiene: Why we invested in Bower Collective

Consumers want to make ethical choices with their home and personal care products, but the rise of greenwashing (unsubstantiated claims that deceive consumers into believing that a company’s products are environmentally…

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